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    since the market delta thread is closed, i decided to start a new thread, hope this is the appropriate action.

    I'm demoing MD with IB, and today was my first day running the software.

    Just had a question about the premarket action on the ES. Since i'm assuming that all these trades could not have possibly gone through at the ask, i'm left wondering what is going on here? Is this normal, correct? The regular market hours seemed to work just fine.

    Maybe someone could post a bxa footprint for the same time period to compare?

    Thanks for the help!

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    That's a nice looking chart if it is correct:D
  3. Ben something is wrong there, who are you using as your data vendor? We both know thats not logical think of it like this, why would there be a single downtick in that range if it were all utick volume, example, the high of bar 1 is the low of bar 2, the high of bar 2 is the low of bar 3, because there is variance this cant be right. Ide try to get it fixed if you want to trade premarket w/o it looking like your throwing darts, give trevor a call at MD he should be a ble to tell you exactly whats wrong.
  4. Just an said you use IB as data provider. If you use them for backfill purposes then I don't think you get bid/ask data.

    From my experiences using MD, I have found IB's snapshot data method insufficient for the level of detail MD is trying to present.

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  5. Simple fix......left click once anywhere on the chart in the lower area where there is blank "white space"......then hit your spacebar. Your chart will then download data over a few seconds and clean that up.
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    hi all,

    yes, it was a backfill- and i found an answer here (from bolter's md forum)

    it does look like IB is not sufficient for market delta on a contract like the ES, which is too bad.

    thanks for the help!

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    alrighty, so how does MD work in determining significant levels? alone with market profile. I am also a newbie of MD (with esignal). I have been looking at the MD for a little bit over a week but cannot get anywhere to enhance my trading.
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