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  1. Here is a quick look and update for the new "market delta/volume profile" tools that were co-developed by Investor R/T and (new upgrade video at top of page)...............

    Looks like the whole package is all moved over and incorporated into the Inv R/T charting! :)

    The official launch date looks to be September 10th.
  2. i used MD for trading futures for almost a year and never could develop a winning method or find anyone else on the MD boards that was successful trading with MD although the new version does look more robust than the previous...
  3. market delta information is not in itself a holy grail......but if a person knows how to read the information in context with price action, there are usually great big hints imo to what may be ahead.

    Also, I am not just using the basic market delta charts....I also use the "Volume Profile" tools that are a part of the Investor R/T market delta/volume profile tools.
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    does volume profile on market delta display today profile being formed? or only past days data?
  5. It forms realtime to the time period you have set (for instance....09:30 to 4:15) yes. You can also go and look at previous days profile too....if you want.
  6. Just to clear any confusion. Volume profile IS market delta. IRT called it volume profile originally. Now with this agreement between the two companies the name just becomes market delta. I use the tool heavily too - very useful to me.

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  7. Volume profile is not even close to being the same as MD. Market Delta is a software package with a unique charting feature which they call "footprints". Volume profiling is now becoming a relatively common feature on lots of platforms which gives the user total volume at each price level.


    The "footprints" is all now on the new co-collaborated product between Inv R/T and All the previous "footprints" templates are gone and they have all been merged/blended into the Inv R/T market delta template.

    Inv R/T called the charting "option package" where you could get the market delta footprint style templates...."Volume Profile" tools. Now the "Volume Profile" tools option will include the newly upgraded and co-collaborated "footprint" product from the work of both Inv R/T and .

    Is everything clear now? LOL!!! :D

    Anyone that is familiar with the current product will see the new changes (over to the Inv R/T template) on the video link here at .
  9. I think I mentioned this on another thread but here we go again. MD without support/resistance levels isn't effective. It is a decision-support technique at best and not a trading methodology.

    A good example of complementing MD with other tools is the use of MAs. Watch MD footprint as price approaches an MA.

    I would also ask you which futures contract did you use MD with? Here're the contracts in which I found MD to be effective: ES, NQ, & Euro. Avoid using on ER(AB) & YM, JYen, Crude, NatGas, & Metals. I haven't explored using MD on Ag contracts as they started electronically only few weeks ago.

    Hope this helps.


  10. Thanks for explaining my use of the term 'volume profile' above 5Pillars - saved me some time :)

    I like to use it in conjunction with market profile. Trading the Nikkei and euro stoxx50 products with these tools.

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