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    If you use market delta with Esignal you should be aware that the software produces erroneous results with Eurex data. The Footprint chart which is the cornerstone of the application will record totally incorrect information of quantities trading at the bid and the offer at seemingly random times. Given that this is the whole purpose of the software, and that the bulk of the educational material is about identifying opportunities from the footprint chart, it seems quite extraordinary that this should be the case. However anybody who watches the market during the day will be able to see these errors develop. If you refresh your data during the day with a download and the chart values on the footprint chart change, then clearly this error has occurred. Using this software trading Eurex and relying on the footprint chart would be very foolhardy indeed.
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    Have you inquired with MarketDelta directly as of yet? Do you know if this issue is isolated solely to the combination of MarketDelta and eSignal or does MD display the same characteristics when getting data from other vendors/sources?

    When you check data in eSignal, is everything accurate?

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    Market Delta is aware of the problem and has been for sometime. This is vendor specific to Esignal. Originally this was due to a problem with the Esignal data manager that Esignal is confident has been addressed in the latest version. Market Delta is yet to release an updated version although this is in the pipeline. You would think that it would be high priority given it is the cornerstone of their application. However apparently the best advice they can offer is to switch vendor and to not use Esignal.