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  1. willieboy


    Can anybody help me set up footprint and market profile charts on market delta charts for day trading. The time frames with indicators and so on.
    I'm new to this and trying to learn MP and volumn study:confused:
  2. Have you tried emailing MarketDelta? I have always had a good experience asking them directly. Another thing they offer is a weekly webinar on Monday (I think).
    They also have a community site at
  3. willieboy


    I have not contacted them yet I have this on a 15 day trial and I have it up and running but not sure if charts are set up correctly for day trading The charts are a little more complicated then the ones I have been using
  4. nirav34


    I use 6 reversal for footprint chart. What you wanna do is, take friday's day and play it back so you get used to it. There is a playback function in the main menu somewhere. If you have IB data, than forget about using MD because IB doesn't provide true ticks, they're snapshot. PM me if you have question. Footprint chart is really great to see supply and initiating activity. Also, shade dominate side and shade text only should be ticked (under periodicity).
  5. willieboy


    Thanks for the feedback not sure how to get a 6 tick reversal chart , all the other settings I have made

    Do you know anything about reading a market profile chart
    With the big up day we had the other day I know the chart will have to be filled in but where is sup and res and how will the chart fill in?
  6. Here are some resources for you. Just go to the tutorials on Market Profile and watch them.

    Listen to Tom Alexander first. Then Dan Gramza.

    Also: has some resources.

  7. willieboy


    Thanks for the feedback they were very helpful videos

    I'm new to market profile and market delta