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  1. elit


    Hi, where can I get EOD-data for stocks. I want as much data as possible. I'd preferably have it in ascii format.

    Can I count on yahoo or MSN EOD-data to be correct?

    Is there any place to get data for european stocks, dax, aex, spain, italy, sweden?

    Yahoo and MSN don't have that much data for european stocks, I want decades! :)
    And I'm not confident in the accuracy of yahoo, MSN data.

    Is IB offering data for backtesting?

  2. ProRealtime.

    Free eod data for most of those markets.
    And great charting, to.

    Ibex, ftse, etc etc.
    Its good.

    If you want decades of data, your a fool.
    Or very stubborn.
  3. elit


    Thanks, acronym,

    I'm interested in downloading the data to use with my charting software.

    I'm not sure of how much data would be needed for proper backtesting, I was thinking the more the better. (?)

    Also forex data would be appreciated.
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    Thanks H2O, But I don't think I'm ready to pay that kind of amounts for my needs just yet. :(
  6. elit


    How reliable are MSN and Yahoo data?
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