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    FWIW, exchanges use network clock devices that cost north of 25k$ each. And they generally have to use 3 (at different location) to make sure that their systems are in synch with an official atomic clock.
    That's very expensive just to keep their clocks in synch...
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  2. If you use NinjaTrader, here's some quick code that will print the timestamp from your market data feed and the timestamp of your local computer. NinjaTrader uses c#, but you can likely do the same thing in whichever trading software you use.

    protected override void OnMarketData(MarketDataEventArgs marketDataUpdate)
                Print("ES Price " + marketDataUpdate.Price + " | Data Timestamp: " + marketDataUpdate.Time + " milliseconds: " + marketDataUpdate.Time.Millisecond + " | PC Time: " + DateTimeOffset.Now.ToUnixTimeMilliseconds());
    I just ran this on our Chicago VPS, and here is the result:

    ES Price 4200.25 | Data Timestamp: 4/28/2022 9:26:45 AM milliseconds: 425 | PC Time: 1651156005437
    The local PC time is in UNIX, and can be converted to human readable time using

    The time test result:
    • Data timestamp: 425 milliseconds
    • VPS time: 437 milliseconds
    • Difference: 12 milliseconds
    I think selecting a better NTP time server would improve the test results as well. In this case, I used the default but or might be more accurate.
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    Ping your connection.

    Although many times brokers (like the one I'm with TradeStation), doesn't allow for security reasons, to connect all the way to them - last hub.
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