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  1. Hi All,

    Could you share your experiences with various market data providers. I'm currently seeking a quality level II provider with a very consistent package. I trade from a computer near the exchange so I don't need it for execution, however some of my parameter sets are adjusted manually and overlay sent to the server, and I would like quality data to keep in normalized time with reality.
    Any suggestions. Probably don't to spend more than a few K per month, but open to suggestions.

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    what market?

    A) Stocks?
    B) Futures?
    C) FX?
    D) ETF?
    E) Options?
    F Cash?
  3. primarily Futures, SIFs, and ETFs. Also use some option data, but don't really need a feed on it.
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    Let me break down the Catagory:

    The difference between small traders vs big traders (3K Vol minimum per day). Recomended platforms and data feeds

    Futures Market:

    Small Traders


    1) NinjaTrader. I believe it is $50 per month. Not sure.
    Data Feed:
    NinjaTrader Trading Technologies. Stay away from zen fire (repackaged data feed).

    Big Traders:

    1) X_Traders Trading Technologies. Top notch platform and data feed most used among the house. Can handle large volume order filled fast!
    2) CQG platform. Another top notch platform.
    3) CTS T4: Another top notch platform
  5. Thanks for the tips, I already have a platform, but mostly just need a data vendor.
  6. Anybody know of any firms or forums which rate and rank data services?
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    you can get futures directly from the merc
  9. iq feed for futures. if you use NT use kinetick for a carbon copy of iq feed at a lower price.