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  1. ccccsail


    10-17-07 05:04 PM

    Hopefully a few people will have the time to reply.. I am tasked with a project to research the cost of market data for all a asset classes for our start-up trading company.. We are looking for the fastest most comprehensive in features and access to global financial instruments..

    I am guessing the list would be:

    thomson financial

    I know bloomberg is about 1700 per month for 3 systems.. What do you think is the best most reliable for the cost and features?
  2. mwerbe


    For asset class variety and market data Interactive Brokers is probably best and likely cheapest, although if your a big hedge fund and have specialized software running through the api interface the cost would be more depending on what you want to do. Bloomberg has more foreign markets and analytical tools built in and is probably most common with institutions.
  3. Avinaashb


    Look into Aspen Graphics for charting. They are equal to CQG but you save money by using Aspen.

    You have to pay for exchanges on CQG but with Aspen you can piggy back on Blomberg and use the exchanges you have on BB. This way you cut out about $150 per month per user.

  4. From that list...
    Pros would only use Reuters, Thomson, or Bloomberg.

    So just assume Reuters or Thomson...
    They are equivalent.

    Ignore the people...
    That are trying to compete with the pros on a shoestring...

    And especially ignore...
    Those that are trading with a highly manipulated broker feed like IB's.