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  1. Right? Some would say that confidence is lack of fear and those thoughts create reality. Just as they would say fear is what creates losses.

    We have our own universe but also interact with each others i read.
    Those who use remote viewing connect to this universal mind to experience the probable futures.

    So is this the holy grail? Everyone can be a winner in their own universe? We just have to learn to concentrate and find that meditative state of mind!? :)
  2. no,
    You need to find out what moves prices down to the barebone of everything in between.

    making money is not about knowing yourself
    its about knowing the market
    after knowing the market
    and if you still have personal flaws , you better fix them yourself cause those definately won't help make you profits.


    When someone sees fast rising prices, they want to get in and profit.

    When I see fast rising prices, I do not even want to enter anymore.

    Once you understand the markets, all these things will come to you in a snap.
  3. Hi! Yes absolutely, knowing the market is very important. But i mean there is a metaphysical side of this to.

    There are people who can with their mind influence gambling results. If this means they actually created another universe or not i don´t know. :)

    I think Gann was aware of this. He probably used remote viewing for his lottery and horse racing. He must have been thinking about something extraordinary when he said that people are not ready to know the truth
  4. Cheese


    But you do have future though ..
    As a paper boy.

  5. who are these people? can you point to an example?

    thank you,

  6. delusions while on crystal meth are not "thoughts".
  7. :p Have tried that. It´s slavery. Fun when the sun is shining though

    This is interesting

    Life is but the Eternal (Original Awareness-Consciousness) experiencing the temporal realm, for learning purposes.

    Each grouping of connections (perceptual consciousnesses) that connects to a shared general story will define a separate Universe/Creation.

    There are myriads of such Universes/Creations operating simultaneously within Original Consciousness, up to a potential infinity.

    Most human entities spend their \"waking\" lives hypnotized by their sensory world, which gives them the illusion of a material reality \"out there.\"
  8. Hi Marketsurfer

    On that site there was someone who mentioned it. Then i read about another one in a Yahoo group called Wheelsinthesky (Wits) and at that is a site for remote viewing/influencing.

    Gann was a member of some magi society so he probably knew how it works.
  9. You can try by learning to reach Theta or Delta brainwaves while beeing aware. There you visualize with as much positive emotion what you want as already happened.

    Rv is done best from Theta also
  10. This is year 2005? My question is where is the proof that any supernatural/ new age topic has some validity to it?

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