Market Crash?

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  1. I agree. Cash may be king, but I am having trouble allocating it.

    How does 50 per cent in FDIC insured accounts and 50 per cent safe deposit box sound?
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    my cds expire tomorrow and that is what I am wondering?
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    Not good. This is where you want to start getting in, not out. Consider selling puts on stocks of companies with sound balance sheets. .
  4. The perfect video for today

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  5. Wall Street is about to get punished hard. Main Street does not want the bailout. The smart money, whom is out of the market does not want the Bail out.

    The market needs to come in near 9000, as it is far to over valued when adjusted for inflation.

    Those who are indebt, loosing their homes because they got in over their head, working for Firms that are over staffed, etc are going to get hit hard.

    However, this is not the end of the world for the Smart People, who have lived with in their means and have Private Companies.
    There will be plenty of money made as RE tanks another 30%, as Stocks sell off another 15% or so.

    It is time that those, who live beyond their means, including Companies pay the piper.

    This Wall Street will only effect the "Main Street" who tryed to BLING BLING when the did not have the cash.

    To everyone else, a great buying opportunity, for all kinds of assets.
  6. My problem is not with the stock market. There is a run on banks and money markets.

    So far MOST banks have weathered the storm.

    But money is moving around big time.

    I could care less about MAKING money, I am very happy with money that I have, I simply want to weather this POLITICAL crisis with the money that I have.
  7. This market is teetering on a massive down draft.
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