Market Crash

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  1. Every week the FED has to bail out a financial institution.
    The market is going to crash 1929 style.
  2. Bear, Fannie AND Freddie, now LEH and Merrill.....aside from all the regional banks going under.
    AIG begging to be saved.


    Fed has their finger in the dike and the dike is about to crack wide open. It's Shit Storm.

    Market will crash you think we will see a 1000+ down day ?
    It wouldn't be a surprise to me.
  3. nope, circuit breakers and stat based algos will help keep us from having any free fall day. Now with that being said, there's no reason why we couldn't see 3 or 4 consecutive negative 3-4% days across the indices. That would be a more realistic scenario. But probably won't happen. All of the major governmental interventions in this market, thus far, have marked short term bottoms that would be retested in the following quarter. We won't be so lucky as to get all of our misery in one massive dose, then pick up the shards and carry on. No, no, the backstopping of defunct institutions will only allow the pain to be played in slow motion form, and we probably won't see the other side of this thing until Palin's daughter becomes a grandma, circa 2010.
  4. good commentary......we shall see what plays out tomorrow.
    AIG is up next. And then we can only guess what financial crap will follow that and who else might be ready to collapse.

  5. i disagree, the more the gov f*c#'s with the market - the more it is going to <i>eventually</i> implode!

    Then we get a "bottom":)

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    "The housing market is going to get worse, the taxpayer is going to get billed, and Asian central bankers will eventually be wiped out by Federal Reserve inflation. That is where all addiction ends."

    -Gary North

    He has a pretty good article about subsidies and bailouts up on right now.
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    Bad GOOG earnings Thur + bad unemployment #s = ??

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    capmac has a monster memory for gloomy threads
  10. dow needs to go down another 7000 points for this to be concidered capitutlation
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