Market Correlation

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  1. chartman


    Today once again reaffirmed that stock prices have no relationship to the economy. The market news today:
    (1) Retail sales down;
    (2)Worse than expected unemployment;
    (3)Continuing jobless claims increase worse than expected;
    (4)Business inventories declined;
    (5)Record decline in household net worth;
    (6)Lowering of GE credit rating.
    The major market indices all increased.
    Tomorrow when the market declines probably 200 plus
    points, the talking heads will be reporting the 'reasons'
    why prices declined on the economy.
    What a farce!
  2. you are wrong.....
    the market went up because the news next time it will be better...
    the market thinks ahead of you
  3. piezoe


    You are right....
    Any resemblance between short term moves in the market and reality (except in rare and unusual circumstances)
    is purely coincidental. :D
  4. The funny thing is that you are right also in the assumption of tomorrow 200 plus down move!!! Seriously!!!
    But we will see
  5. 1. Everyone assumes that - many stocks have already been down 50+% BTW some companies such as ARO are doing ok I guess.
    2. OK, so DOW shouldn't be at 14,000 - well, it isn't - many stocks are down 80-90% - are jobs down 80-90%?
    3. Same as 2
    4. This can be viewed as a positive.
    5. If ave household had say $250K - and GE shares were $50, each, each house could have bought 5000 shares - now if each household has $150K, GE at $10 - each house could buy 15,000 shares.
    6. Again, GE not exactly at or near All time highs.

  6. charts


    .. price moves on multiple fractals (time frames) .. it can be up on some and down on others .. greed and fear compete on each one of them :)