"Market Collapse? Panic?"... Total HOGWASH

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gnome, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. The markets are down 25% over the last year... orderly decline, hardly a panic in magnitude nor swiftness.

    The idea of "panic" is basically told to us [and SOLD to us] by the Powers.. the media jumps in and trumpets 'PANIC!!

    Normal noise in the markets used to be much higher than we've experienced in this decline. There was no panic before, and no intervention by Gummint....

  2. Enlighten us by what the orchestrated plan is almighty gnome!
  3. Please... read some world financial history and take an economics course.

    Our "leaders" (cough, cough) are not so naive nor stupid to allow this all to occur by accident. Any doper who's taken freshman economics can see through this...
  4. I am stupid and uneducated!

    Can you enlighten us by what the ultimate master plan is almighty chief?
  5. The Gummint made it a point to NOT educate you... and you've not taken it upon yourself to become knowledgeable.

    So, what's in it for me to clue you in and perhaps save your lazy-ass bacon?
  6. They are also hiding aliens in area 51.

    No point of just talking about things when your not even providing any evidence!

    Do society some good and educate the uneducated... make yourself useful.
  7. Try studying the Asian currency crisis and the Great Depression. Then you might not be so naive.

    On 10/19/1987 the market went down 23% in ONE DAY with much smaller problems.

    In just one week, this orderly 25% decline could turn into the greatest percentage rout in 80 years.
  8. I'll second that.
    Bush corruption all the way.
  9. I'M NAIVE? You impudent little POS!

    Sure, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME... what's likely?

    There is no logic to your arugment. You merely jibber.
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