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  1. Does anyone in here utilize Market Chameleon paid membership? What are your favorite tools to use in your trading endeavors? Mine are the order imbalance, options screener, and daily big block trades.
  2. I use Barchart Premier, but if Market Chameleon is worth it for you, use it.
  3. nice. What do you like best about Barchart premier? I use the free version of Barchart for a few things.
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  5. Barchart is affordable, gives me charts and screeners and watchlists, I've used Barchart off and on since 2005, it feels natural to me, it did take me a lot of research and tinkering and strategizing.
  6. My friend uses it to find options opportunities. He does make money consistently. He also makes money, he says way more, on the tips I give him. That being said, he does not know how to read charts and is HIGHLY reliant on others. Thus if the type of trading style they present matches your style and is compatible with your tolerances, it could be good. On the other hand, it is not recommended to be reliant on others, because in the long run, it rarely work out.
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    I liked their method of coming up with price distributions and expected values based off matching price data and 30 day implied.....
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  8. I´m using TOS´Optionhacker. Do you think Barchart Premier is superior? Which features do you use? I ´m using Barchart´s free version additionally.
  9. I've tried TOS a couple years ago when I was trading on TDA and I just couldn't get any good out of it. I use Barchart Naked Put Screener every day.