Market Caps

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  1. What are (or are there any) generally regognized break points for the various market caps??

    i.e. Micro-caps are ?? Mid-caps are?? Large caps are over $$


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  2. Forgot about this -

    No one has any ideas???

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  3. Is this pretty enough? According to are less than $50,000,000. Micro-caps are 50 to 300 million. Small-caps are 300-mill to 2-billion. Mid-caps are 2 to 10 billion. Large-caps are 10 to 200-billion. Mega-caps are greater than 200-billion. There you go! Those dollar levels can vary between brokerage firms, mutual funds and different indices.
  4. Oh yes, that is very pretty!! Thanks a bunch!! Never seen that sight, will have to check it out.