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    The picture is very misleading. If you use circle areas to describe something that drops by 50% you don't decrease the circle DIAMETER by 50%, you need to decrease the AREA by 50%. A 50% decrease in diameter equals 75% decrease in area.

    All of the circles in that pic had their diameters reduced by whatever the market cap dropped, which exagerates the actual losses greatly.
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    I was watching a TV program about Dinosaurs. The situation was just before the extinction of dinosaurs.

    A massive Volcano was fuming in the background and Giant birds were flying. Suddenly there were many minor explosions all over the place & poisonous gas & steam started felling the giant birds.

    Then a statement appeared "Giant Birds falling from the sky are indicators of approaching massive catastrophe". After sometime the "massive volcano" erupted and all the dinosaurs on land and sky were killed/extinct.

    Now the "falling giant banks & giant companies" = "falling giant birds" and they indicators of approaching massive financial catastrophe which is $1200 Trillion loss to the world economy.