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  1. The purpose of the Market Calls journal is for traders to post their market calls as it pertains to individual trades. Whether it is an entry you are anticipating or have recently made, please feel free to post it here. A very brief statement about the method used to select your entry/exit is welcome also.

    Please guys.... let's try to maintain a forum for the exchange of information beneficial to active participants and also for the many members who read our website daily but choose not to participate.

    Guidelines for posting:

    1) Your call should be fairly specific regarding the instrument and entry price or landmark.

    2) An explanation of your thinking is welcome.

    3) Disagreement is not welcome - this journal is for market calls, not debate. If you disagree with a call, it will be obvious when you post your own call in the opposite direction.

    4) Bashing, profanity, vulgarity will not be tolerated. Keep it professional.

    5) Responding to bashers is discouraged. Please, if someone finds it difficult to participate in a manner consistent with the guidelines, do not engage in discourse with them whatsoever. This will be our way of policing ourselves and preserving an environment conducive to our benefit.

    Every one of us knows what is and isn't an appropriate post. We are not looking for argument or disparagement.

    Good luck!
  2. VictorS


    Can't blelieve it took so long for a journal like this. Hopefully, it stays on topic without bashing.
  3. Good job inandlong l

    Let's make sure we self police this ... this forum is for all of our benefit.


    I will post some trades but I want everyone to understand I will TRADE FIRST.... POST SECOND, so there may occasionally be some delays and I don't want any slack about it or I will stop posting.

    Let the games begin... :D
  4. You are absolutely right Samson'. Trading comes first.

    This journal is not about questioning anyone's integrity nor is it about challenging anyone in any way. Any trade posted after the fact will be received as if it had been posted prior to its occurrence.

    As I said in the guidelines, I am asking everyone to completely disregard bashers' posts. Do not reply whatsoever. Not a peep! Please.

    This can work guys, and it can become another one of the excellent resources found on ET.
  5. VictorS


    these are some unusual times of volatility. So chances are that I will be sidelined tomorrow unless we have volatility on the upside to 1167 (where i will be long to 1185) or the short side to 1140( where I will short to 1123).

    using 2 points from entry as stop losses
    good trading
  6. selecto

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    Short AMZN into earnings. They have gotten smacked last two earnings, sector is cold, trend's my friend, should be treated like eBay was last week even if they beat. Target is test of recent lows.
  7., Inc. Earnings Conference Call (Q1 2005)
    Scheduled to start Tue, Apr 26, 2005, 5:00 pm Eastern


    Good morning everybody. My long term sentiment indicator are now positive. Some of the puts that I have sold on Friday are in the profit. But my short term indicators are neutral to slightly negative right now so I'll' be very careful and will not increase my long positions as of yet.
  9. Short CAD$ @ .8070

    Stop .8077

    T1 = .8051

    T2 = Trail after T1 is triggered

    reason: Retest of .8000 support with possible failure
  10. Long YM 10230

    Target 10280

    But staying flexable
    #10     Apr 25, 2005