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    Tue after the close as per the below post annexed I made a very specific call. It would have required to place 6 trades and I left the Stops to one’s discretion.

    Four of the 6 trades hit targets after some Zig Zags but with ZERO Draw Down! Then at the 828 level I called for profit taking! Hence overall the Trades would have produced 77 Full ES clean points again with Zero DD! All In less than 12 hours.

    This event upset a few persons who collectively started attacking and insulting the OP for the Prediction. Such unfair, envious and resentful attacks discourage me from sharing my experience and expertise with the forum.

    Now I have 2 questions and ask for the posters to please just address these questions and refrain from thread trashing for once!
    1- Do you find the below Trading Calls extremely specific and 100% Tradable or NOT(remember I had left the Stop Loss to the users at their own discretion because everyone has a different Tolerance level from the other(Although in this case NO stops would have been hit regardless))?
    a. As a Disclaimer I mentioned use a Sim. Regardless even paper trading would not have changed the outcome!
    b. Some Absurd people deny the reality that the Call materialized exactly as predicted because I personally did not trade them(which amongst many reasons I do not trade them to remain unbiased but ALWAYS use them as a Trend Indictor for MM purposes very successfully).
    c. Some people accuse that the call was referring random numbers?! Does it? Isn’t random outcome supposed to be 50% and NOT 100% and anytime it exceeds 51% then it is NOT Random?
    d. Etc etc, you be the judge, were the calls 100% Tradable or not?
    2- My other question is, why do people using posts that only include insults and Zero content waste virtual ink and resources to attack someone who has actually contributed very productive Tangible contents? How does it help the forum in general if someone calls me say ignorant, one lot trader and a whole bunch of other names worthy of themselves when all I did was contribute 77 Full ES points to the forum?!!!

    big sigh…

    Quote from ML_QUANT:

    OK, here’s the same call with all the handholding steps for those who still can’t trade with a map at hand and they need others manage the steering and the brakes on their behalf too!
    ES closed at 848.50.
    A simulated short is in order with profit taking based on guts and expertise as follows(Stops & DD if any at discretion):
    1- 848
    2- 842
    3- 838.50
    4- 833.50
    5- 823
    6- 813.25

    Now, any of those Profit taking levels met, one could reenter if the opportunity provided say after a full 10 points retrace or whatever or just be happy with the windfall and hit the sidelines.

    Quote from ML_QUANT:

    The following call was made about 828 area after 826 had got hit!

  2. troll
  3. the above call was from before and although profit taking was called but the last call at 813.25 had been unfilled since the low never went below 816 and I did mention the 813.25 remains open which got hit.
    Asi que, Mission Accomplished, another 100% accurate call joins the rest of the 1500+ calls all with 100% accuracy so far.

    OK, off you go people, let's hear it now.... :)
  4. As is the usual with my calls, the market bounces off of them! The low made was 812.75 and presently at > 826!!!

    This is when according to the Norm of numbers, when 14 is hit then 10 gets hit more often than not...

    the bounce was immediate! no foot dragging.
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  6. 829 already!
  7. For the record 842+ in less than 1 Hour. From the low of 812.75, just half a point below my call., that's 29 full points in about 1 Hour +/-:p

    again, for the record and not a call, today's low in the short run will need to be taken out.
  8. My call of 813.25 was met yesterday and the price dipped only 1/2 point (0.50) below that to 812.75 to mark the low of the day and thereof it has rocketed to 854 so far!
    This is not the first time price substantially bounces off of my 100% accurate calls but in fact it has done so 100% of the times bounced off of them but the one from yesterday remains the most impressive of all and that should defiantly STFU of all the barking DOGS who have all along the way in their failed attempts out of pure envy and their loser's lives effects have done of no avail their miserable best to pollute these 100% accurate market calls threads with their hooligan type behavior demonstrating their usual vandal personalities.

    So, here's your chance again, go for it and humiliate yourselves(continue to eat your hearts out) while I continue with my unprecedented market calls and that is unprecedented in the history of the WORLD ever(so many calls, that have gained more than 1,500 S&P full points with 100% YES you read it right, 100% Accuracy!

    So go ahead and bark all you want and add to your many thousands of pointless ink wasting posts and entertain us you little pathetic clowns....:)
    Let's name a few now, MANDLEdishwasher, TRADER(triple shit head), ah...what a waste of time even mentioning them here?


    Anyone interested to learn the bases of the 813.25 call, send me a PM and I'll disclose the psychological logic and reasoning behind just this one call for you but not the Algo. The attached chart shows the evidence.
    Just one tiny catch though, must have aliases with 3 digit posts to make sure it won't fall in the wrong hands! We don't want the barking Dogs to learn anything now, do we?
    Later as more confidence is gained in the identity of those interested, more secrets will be disclosed about these amazing calls and my new phenomenal strategy of being Long & Short simultaneously(risk-reduced trading).
    Disclosure: I have never NOT in the past nor presently or in the future have or had any intention of selling or marketing any ideas or products. My beliefs are, if one is any good in trading, he shouldn't need to sell anything EVER! Not even write a book to sell.
    My only intention is to record my calls publicly for history to benefit from.
  9. I'll bite, I'm interested in hearing the psychology behind the call. :D

    Seldom do people make real-time calls in this forum, the few times I've seen it happen, the thread usually gets spamed.
  10. I'll PM you.
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