Market bubbles

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  1. Is there ever an end to them? So far in my life time, I've lived

    through two of them, but how many more can there be? After

    each new bubble, new laws and regulations get passed.

    After the tech buddle, the market was decimalized, making it harder for day traders to scalp the spreads of high flying tech stocks, and the uptick rule.

    Now in this buddle, credit is going to be harder to get, for low income familes, and banks will be tightly regulated

    so what else can we make a buddle out of?
  2. Stosh


    Obvious guesses would be gold, treasuries, commodity etf's. Of course, in 10 years or so we can repeat on real estate and oil. I suppose a scare in food or water is possible. With rising inflation, nearly everything can bubble. Stosh
  3. 1971-present "Bubbleconomics Era"
  4. It's just human nature. Make a bubble out of anything you like... In fact, how about tulip bulbs? It's an oldie from all the way back in the 17th century, but why not revisit it now.