Market bottom seems near

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Junkou, May 18, 2022.

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    From the relative return viewpoint, the market is approaching the bottom and growth sees the sight of life.
  2. you are an amateur please dont advise
  3. smallfil


    We are just getting started. Talking heads on Bloomberg talking about capitulation when we are just starting to go down? It is a long ways down. You better believe it.
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  4. The correct trade is always unpopular. If most people thought this was the bottom we'd be way up already. The confident pessimism by many is encouraging.
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  5. Most finance spokesholes say we have much further to go, so be ready for a HUGE bounce...Spooz 4200 magnitude in a few weeks, then short it.
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    Negative sentiment is useful for timing bottoms in bull markets, but in bear markets sentiment could stay neutral to negative for months, or even years, as the market just keeps grinding lower. Clearing rallies are of course always possible, and can be very sharp & violent.

    At a broad level, the bear market will continue at least until the end of Fed tightening is in sight, and right now it isn't - just the other day Powell said outright that he's willing to take rates as high as needed, and keep hiking for however long it takes to kill inflation, even if it means crushing the markets. I'd buckle up and hold on for a wild summer.
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    Biden bottom is bottomless, impeach Biden now and save your pension.
    Biden globalist want a recession.
    They're like a mouthful of rotten teeth daring you to pull them out.
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    You know...if you write that every trading day, eventually you'll be right. :sneaky:

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  9. The problem with contrarian trading is sometimes the consensus is correct.

    At the moment the market is probably pessimistically pricing in the impact of inflation on earnings. Wait for earnings to get a little worse, then I think that will be the bottom.
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    The crash is just beginning. We will take out Mar 2020 lows by fall
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