market bottom 8000 looks very strong

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  1. market...or shall I say banks and their investment arms look very determined to keep the floor at 8000.

    this is where all the stimulus money is going..into the market.

    I highly doubt the gov't / fed will allow another test of 7000 and risk another collapse of the market again. It would have made all the recovery efforts go to waste if the markets drop back down to 7000.

    market brushed off the GM bankruptcy news like it was a piece of cake, market seems to be focusing on the good news and ignoring the big bad GM bk news.

    oh wells.
  2. i'm not saying dont invest.....


    what you are saying is true, and there is now copitulation from the BEARS and it now seems as though the economy wont fail, but that is EXACTLY how it felt we were at 700 seemed like. except it was the bears in control and no hope of going up, and then bam, it went up.

    i am not going long, not yet, that is my call.

    but YES, i agree with you 8000 looks strong. i have missed most of the move up. Caught FAS at 2.72 to 5, which is not bad but got out way to early, obviously.

    but trust me, this economy is fucked, doesnt mean the stock market will go down, just means the market is screwed.

    housing is garbage, unmployment huge, yeah, they beating earnings, instead of 500 million loss, only 250 million loss, yeah right, the economy is going up, but not because it should.

    let's see if reality comes back into play.
  3. Of course they are going to try and keep it up. Obama and adm. know their ass will be grass if it falters.
  4. Eight


    The current administration is very pro-Wall Street, Pro-business I'm not so sure at all. If they can prop up the markets, fine I guess, the question in my mind is how long can they continue to do that, a lot of their money is going to transfer to traders taking the other side of their bets at times and riding their coattails at other times...

    The GM bankruptcy is good news and it's not new news. I'm waiting to see if they get that union albatross off their necks in bk court or not......