Market and FED report.

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  1. VIX dripped 3.91% and the candlestick pattern showed a sudden engorgement and a 3.0M tick as bloodflow entered the markets and then as you see now post FED ejaculation, you are seeing bloodflow drain as SPY is printing down to 131.20 and under ass they unload the wad on the open market.

    Vix creeping up again to .74% at 19.07 on the conclusion of this event.
  2. SPY crossed VWAP a few minutes ago of 131.0997 and as you can see a second market erection post FED second infusion of viagra. ticks at 131.72 vix 18.85.

    Markets to close at 132 as volume fills the head of the markets,.
  3. Thanks for that call I made money on it bought spy and now its up nicely past 132