market always rallies on fed comments

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  1. Usually there will be a small 20-40 point selloff on the dow for the first 5-10 minutes following fed comments and then the market will surge.

    When the fed talks about slowing growth and possible recession this is bullish because it means more rate cuts and lower rares equals higher commodity prices which is good for multinational industrial stocks.

    Slow growth is bullish. Sounds paradoxical but it's true.
  2. Lower rates hum 2.25% seems low enough. They don't have much futher to go. This dog and poney show is in the 8th inning.

    Do you rally think smart money is going to come into this market with a new prez comming?

    More of the same just running in place and going no were.
  3. gobar


    i agree with stock...

    if we go into deep recession dow will go to 160000...

    so lets hope for great depression...:D