Market Activity after the Fed Announcemnt

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jkortman, Aug 8, 2006.

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    The firm I am employed at, experienced severe quote discrepancies today after the Fed made the decision to not hike up rates. Did anyone else suffer problems. If so what firm? It's becoming more apparent that speed and reliability in the technology we choose to trade with is the single most important tool every trader needs.
  2. I was pissed today too J, in the span of 15 mins I threw away 75% of my day up to that point. I couldnt see anything (open book, ecns and quotes) were so spotty. It was a mess.
  3. Everyone wants the cheapest commissions, everyone wants cheap ECN's, everyone wants no SEC fee's, everyone wants blah, blah, blah.

    The single most important want for every successful trader should be a solid reliable system. Everything else is gravy.

    FWIW, my system was great today (I'm on the Anvil).
  4. I'm on tradestation
    was FREEZING slow

    but left $INDU charts on the screen, so I just watched that instead of the stocks.

    My brokers were all ok.
  5. yes anvil was kicking ass today smooth as a baby's but. also ib was awesome. i've rarely bene down on either. i slao have acocunts with tradestaion and a futures account with strategy runner and they sucked.

  6. Iam also on anvil and the whole firm" assent" had issues . I was in SHLD/ BIDU/OIH. Plus the indices were off for about an hr(5 min lag). When i called hoboken they didnt even realize it . All i said was look at cnbc. Anvil is a good system but everywhere had issues. Assent is a decent firm but what keeps me is there cheap tix. BTW when iam the one to point things out to them i sometimes feel iam at the wrong place around the wrong people.
  7. scottrader elite was fine. kept up nicely with the vix move.

    scottrades commissions suck for active traders, but their elite platform with trade ideas, the newswires, level 2 and charts really can't be beat.