Market activity after Nixon resignation and Clinton impeachment?

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  1. Here4money


    Anyone who lived through these remember what markets moved? I'm thinking surge in gold and drop in the industries benefiting from their policies. Anything else you may think of?
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    Jimmy Carter and 21% interest rates?
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    I do think crypto is the new gold....and yeah, I'm following it.
    Financials may not be so hot GSE about to hit stop loss.
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  5. tommcginnis


    Google, "Top ____ Infrastructure ETFs" and go to town.
  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    Even if there was a pattern there, its not something id want to bet on with Trump, the market could just as easily gap up 50 points as gap down if Trump was to drop dead or be impeached.
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    That's just why I made the infrastructure quip: either way, pipes still get old, and people still need water. I think the old&boring will be better'n cash -- or gold.
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    First--Trump will not be impeached nor will he resign.
    Second--Trump will not be impeached nor will he resign.
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    ha ha ha
  10. liberals are desperate
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