Mark Zukerberg, dead at 36

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    always read news with eyes and mind closed.
    Don't care whether it is true, half true, half fake, real fake, authentic fake ... news.
    Don't bother to click FACT CHECK.

    Just look at chart with big eyes and clear mind.
    Then trade according to what the chart says.

    Trader's motto :

    In God We Trust.
    In Chart We Trust.
    In News We Distrust.
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    Man run away with all em libra coins into India.
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    The neurosience of how to hack a human is very interesting.

    Repetition works strongly in advertising and propoganda on a large fraction, between a third to two thirds of people by exploiting how the brain operates at a low level. Eventually, 2+2=5 if a person is barraged by these two:

    Con-artist is short for confidence artist. It means simply the victim/mark's confidence in his own judgement is his downfall.

    The Big Lie is a propaganda technique and logical fallacy. The expression was coined by (that Austrian lad), when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

    It's About Emotion, Not Logic.

    We need the Fairness Doctrine back in television media.
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  6. China's propaganda machine at work
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    Why does Baron allow a thread with this kind of title to remain here?
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    Because it is on topic. It is a technology comment and all websites including this will be forced into curating all content as "publishers" of that content.

    "Websites of any size" are caught in the net.

    We have just seen Zerohedge demonitised by Google for user comments.

    This is a major deal as how? AI automatic censoring or actually read all this?

    So why keep a politics section? You would never want to read all that rubbish. If there is none then how to technical topics like how to implement this bad from any angle due to unintended consequences political order get discussed?
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    Im not a mind reader; so most likely he is helping you not believe fake news/election year/LOL
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  10. RIP

    He was a great football player
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