Mark Zuckerberg gets flak for hoodie

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    Today investors do not ask what it is, but what it looks like. That is what matters to them.

    They criticize him for how he dresses yet they all want a piece of the pie. Steve Jobs used to wear turtleneck sweaters, but rest assured that Jon Corzine always wears a jacket and a tie. If you were worth 16 Billions wouldn't you do the same ? Who cares what people think you'll never make them all happy anyways. So awesome, he just does not give a f#@! :)
  2. its a dog and pony show anyway. what do these analysts think they are going to hear?

    its a stupid website for saying high to your long distance girlfriend and posting pics of your prom.

    and hopefully they sell enough ads to make money.. thats about it.

    i think i just wrote the entire prospectus :D
  3. Sure but I was not talking about whatever the investment in Facebook is good or bad. It is surprising that the most important thing for some people is the look.
  4. If you dress like a shlub then complain "Don't you know who I am?"

    If you dress well people say "Hmnnnn, he must be important".

    Pick your poison.
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    The clothes you wear say a lot about you. Michael Jordan used to wear suits so that when fans saw him (often only once in their life) he would be dressed well.
  6. Dressing down can make the clowns in suits feel more like sheep, since there is NO way they can come to the meeting in a hoodie.

    Everyone in the room knows who is worth billions, and who isn't.

    I like it; it says "I own you, and you will follow me if I show up naked. You better show up in a 5k suit or I will end your career."

    Next time I hope he shows up in a clown suit, and makes the bankers throw roses at his feet.
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    This facebook ipo is so hyped up its not even funny, who cares about this company, I have no idea why people are running around like fools to see whats going on at this meeting, its nothing but hype. Wait till the trend wears off and everyone is on to the next big thing, facebook will be lucky to be worth anything more than 5-10 billion, anyone who thinks this company is worth $100 billion+ is a complete idiot. Once they growth starts to peak and people start turning away from the the facebook trend I would watch out below, you will wish you never put a penny into this company.
  8. Programmers man, programmers rule the world now.
  9. All good points. Somehow though I wouldn't want to piss off the audience, they have long memories and likely will screw him more than once.
  10. There's truth in that statement.
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