Mark Zuckerberg American Hero

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by member, May 31, 2012.

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    Mark Zuckerberg is an American hero exposing crooked Wall Street IPO hype machine at his own expense.
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    Worst troll attempt ever.
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    Wait. let me see if I have this gay ass, tool, shithead, mindless garbage. Are you kidding, oh yea you must be. What did he expose? Nothing as usual. I have no Fagbook acount, Twiiter account, and I kick myself whenever I post on the internet. Hey, send me all you r personal info, and I will sell it at a profit to me, and tell what a good person I am. That should be worth at least 50 billion.
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  5. I take it you are for gay marriage?

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    Mods, this belongs in Chit Chat. It definitely is not Wall St. News.
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    He just busted KAYAK and other future hypes. Dragged lower GRPN and ZNGA...LNKD should follow lower..These companies should have never been allowed to go public. They wont be anywhere in 5 years along with FB.
  8. none are real businesses, so all are goin' to zero............


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    Actually, No, I find all this immediate info way too much, and I have no need of any of it. I guess gays have been sold the idea that you have to advertise you are gay, and stick it in your buddy's poop hole on the interent to prove you are gay, or you are female and you bury your face, or dildo in your honey pot. I guess I didn't need to know about my neighbor or best friend, and don't get why I need to know about it now for someone else who has a preference other than mine. But hey if I can make money, I'll put the wife and I on the interent and make a small, and I do mean small, lol, fortune off our sex life. Hey why not, of some fuck hole will pay me to do it, works for me to retire early.