Mark Wolfinger/OneMint interview

Discussion in 'Options' started by Ms Varima-Garch, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. I am posting a link to an interview which has enriched my understanding of options.

    Mark is a well-known options educator, and all of us interested in options benefit greatly from his work. The interview is a brief summary of Mark's options philosophy, his thoughts on teaching options to the wider public.

    PS/Disclaimer. For those of you f*cking idiots (TraderZones), who try to suppress dissemination of valuable information about options, note I am posting the link in my capacity as a third party.

    I'd like to say how impressed I am with Mark Wolfinger, a well-known options educator and trader.

    And how unimpressed I am with TraderZones, a mediocre ET poster and a useless person, who stands in the way of options education, and quite frankly, a stupid moron. He should really change his nick to TraderZonesStupidMoronFuck*ngClown. Otherwise he is misleading the ET community about his personality, people may think his is NOT a fucking clown (or that he is not a clown), and that is a violation of applicable forum regulations.