Mark Weinstein: High-percentage Trader

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  1. Hi,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but does anyone know what has happened to Mr. Weinstein since his Market Wizard debut?

    Is he still trading, or involved with the driving school? His interview IMO, was the best one of the lot.

    Sure would like to meet him, so if anyone knows how to contact him...(for driving lessons, that is :cool: )


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  2. Essential Technical Analysis - by Leigh Stevens

    Stevens studied TA under Mark which didn't make him a Market Wizard. :(

    It's a good introductory book (You can get it under $10 used). All I remember is the way he interprets double bottoms and tops is a little faster and his mentioning of importance of volume as a leading indicator (but no details). :(
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    How about this for high percentage, there is 97% of chance that guy was full of shyt
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    I have heard of some wienstien guy who pulled upto 300 consecutive winner trades in some contest in 2002. Was it Mark or Sam Wienstien, am not sure but Wienstien was the person's last name. I think the logic, which was discussed on ET, was that he had high probability set ups and would lay in wait to catch only the best of the best signals.
  5. I completely agree. If the guy was so darn successful he would have owned the world by now. His interview while it may have some tiny bit of merit to it is total BS! I really don't know why JS included it in the book.

  6. ================
    One of my many favorites in Schwager's top trader books also;
    including his verified 100k into $900k option trading contest with no pyramiding.

    I am 99% [high- %, but not 100% ] sure I saw him at a
    photo , they were eating a meal at the same table, try that.

    Post back here with any more hi-% valuable pattern fragments of course:cool:
  7. Does anyone know what has happened to Mark Weinstein post-Market Wizards? It seems extraordinary that he has maintained such anonymity in spite of his supreme record. I found his chapter perhaps the most interesting in the series of the Wizards books, but apart from some cursory mentions on the internet and a small dedication in the early pages of Leigh Steven’s “Essential Technical Analysis: Tools and Techniques to Spot Market Trends”, nothing else appears to be on record.

    It would greatly appreciated if any information is known, appeasing my curiosity about a trader perhaps as close to perfection as any in history.
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    I just re-read market wizards, googled him and this topic came up. haha :)

    He mentions he takes profits / losses tight. The key was that he picks trades, so his downsides/upsides losses is limited even though hes wrong.

    I believe Mark's strategy got him a near-100%-win.
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    He is either the luckiest trader of all time or the most fraudlent
  10. if he took small losses he would not have had 100% wins. i don't care what kind of set up he has.

    on the other hand, if one uses small position size, no stops, and small profit target he can get 99% wins even with a crappy setup.
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