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    Three guys expected this: Bush, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz.

    The entire State Dept. knew better, but no one listened to them. Even the Army knew different. Shinseki was shitcanned for voicing his doubts as to Rummy's postcombat fantasies.

    Every assessment was that Iraq was a tinderbox ready to ignite once the tyranny was lifted, but Rumsfeld wanted his "light war" and Rove didn't want 500,000 troops over there with thier cousins, mothers, brothers, and friends hearing their complaints and as a consequence not voting Bush 2004.

    Iraq has been more about American politics than Iraq, Islamic extremism, WMD, from day one, 9/11/2001.

    2900 dead, $400 billion and counting for Nothing. NADA .

    2900 Americans dead, 400,000 reserves pulled from their families by 3 boneheads and their braindead trust.
    Thank congress for thier pussywhipped aquiescence to the executive branch. "Fuck, let's get a war on, otherwise we'll be out of work" America wants revenge"

    But hey, that's democracy. You vote in retards, and its like programming, Garbage in, Garbage out.

    Can you imagine they authorized this guy to go to war? Did anybody hear his press conferences? He is positively challenged in every regard.

    Look at how our country has thrived in the last 5 years. That this guy is representing a country as great as ours shows how little our governance means in today's world. We can have a gin soaked guy in the White House but the rest of us compensate for it.

    That's the genuis and greatness of America. Even a dickwad President can't hurt us.....too much!
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