mark rosalbo ?

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  1. anyone here ever heard of this gentleman?

    cool interview of him and at least 5 LCD's in August 03

    says he traded 175 Million ETF 's in last yr

    and claims he does upwards of 30 % of AH trades

    in QQQ

  2. enough with the abbreviations;

    where was the interview and what does "LCD" and "AH" mean?

    AH, i'm presuming means afterhours, though it's not exactly a commonly used term.
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    IMHO nt engh abr. yt.

  4. mgkrebs


    Futures Mag back page trader profile. He also trades BF in his BJ.
  5. :mad: :confused: :mad: :confused:


    i hate puzzles
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    used to trade bfs and bgs. how is it going these days?
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    not to speak about the tts and of course the ntsf.
  8. you could use a beating
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    or this old ktfr stuff, you remember?
  10. nothing better to do,

    huh, guys?
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