Mark my words here...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by simon1080, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Monday at least 150points to the upside. Thats the minimum... just enough to trap some longs and tuesday another sell off.

    Again mark this post and witness it!
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    And if you would be wrong, how many will add you to their ignore list ? :p
  3. Do you actually know what you're talking about, or are you just looking at the after hours jump?...

    Seems to me there will be more trapped shorts next week than trapped longs
  4. SPX points? :eek:

  5. This Monday will be the start of the election run up to November. I'm loaded up on QQQQ calls. :)

  6. silver is going to fly to the upside monday

    else gold is going to dumperoo

    <mark my words as well >

  7. I'm going to trade in whatever direction the market goes on Monday and Tuesday and close by the end of the day each day.
  8. 150 dow points seems like an average day...
  9. well prolly a choppy ranging day monday that finishes higher. then big down tuesday seems like a good chance.

    this is perhaps the last big downleg we will get imo, once we punch down to make a double bottom at 1200 or go through it to 1100-1150 ish this may be the end for equity push lower.

    remember historically collapses never really happen when everybody predicts there is going to be one, we usually see big 'how is this possible' rallys in such bad times then the crashes come later when everyone thinks everything is peachy again...
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