Mark my word right now is 3-2-08, tomorrow dow -300

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ChrisMMM, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. The dow jones industrial average will be down > 300 down points tomorrow march 3 2008. I am writing this march 2, 2008

    I'm short 50 ES contracts, 20 YM contracts, and 10 NQ contracts
  2. im expecting a slight bounce but I love your prediction as Im loaded with shorts
  3. Was wondering when someone would mention that asian markets and index futs are taking a fairly big dump this pm.

  4. Is this based on some Technical Analysis or just the way you " feel"? Because thats what emotional chimpanzees do in the markets, they hope and pray and always go wrong.

    How long have you been an unpaid fortune teller?

  5. IF you are wrong, you know I will come back and whip your ass silly?
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    That's easy to guess at right now with the overnight market where it is, but the hard part would be predicting where it will settle at near the end of the trading day.
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    Any predictions?
  8. I predict I will be profitable tomorrow regardless.
  9. the only thing I can't predict is which color I should buy my Ferrari from all the profits, I'm predicting red... but I definitely could see myself in yellow
  10. Everyone is so brutally bearish that we are due for a rally.

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