Mark Mobius underperforms over past 15 yrs. Retires.

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  1. Mark Mobius underperformed 80% of his peers over the past 15 years. Most of his active fund manager peers underperformed cheaper passive funds.

    Mark Mobius is the face of emerging market active fund managers. One would have thought his performance was top-notch given his high profile. It is really disappointing to learn about the true facts about his performance. He subtracted value for his investors. His investors would be better off investing in far cheaper passive funds.

    As technological advancements gave rise to new investment strategies, Mobius’s performance began to taper, according to Russel Kinnel, director of manager research at Morningstar in Chicago. The Templeton Developing Markets Trust, which he co-managed from 1991 to 2017, trailed 80 percent of its peers over the past 15 years, Morningstar data show.
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    This would be sad - if I had any respect for fund managers.
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  3. Given that this is a forum for traders and investors, I fear you have unwittingly offended several forum members :) I'm a retail investor/trader, not professional fund manager.
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    Not unwittingly.
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  5. I respect your forthrightness.
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  6. You see, he failed to invest in the only truly international , interspecies, intergalactic investment


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  7. %% And Ems can be tricky, more panic sellers/panic buyers, +cryptocurrencies, not that they shoud be in the same sentence, but IBD did that= so i blame them LOL:D