Mark Mobius (Emf Msf Temit)

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  1. Web presentation by Dr. Mark Mobius

    You are well aware that closed-end funds like Emf, Msf and Temit are traded on the major exchanges in the world. This Web presentation by Dr. Mark Mobius is Special. You might want to give it a listen.

    Mark Mobius presents

    This submission was given to a group of very wealthy investors meeting in New Zealand. I guess the 500 attendees have about Fifty million dollars ($50,000,000.00 - $75,000,000.00) in closed end funds and special situations that Mobius manages (Temit & EMF). There is something in here for you for sure. This is a personal presentation and explanation, of what is happening in the world today, not an interview. The PowerPoint slides are on the web site.


    Be warned, the presentation is almost one-hour long, but you can listen to it while you are doing other things. Just skip the intro and the questions, and concentrate on the cheese. It is conveniently divided into eight chapters, including themes such as global and emerging-market situations, consumers and commodities.
  2. If you'll notice his Itinerary does not include a stop in the U.S.