Mark Madoff Business Card $5000.00

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    I found a bit of macabre wall street history in part of Bernies Library--- that I now own.

    The tragic death of Mark Madoff is well documented wall street lore now.

    In between the pages of Bernies book sits a historic and extremely rare business card from Mark Madoff. It's for sale for $5000.00 complete with the Book from Bernies Library. True collectors will understand the uniqueness of this offer. By the way, the card is holding the place in the section about Bernie in Bernies book. Go figure!!
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    Marketsurfer. A man with no market skills or self esteem always trying to buy his way into society -- either by tasteless gossip or conspicuous consumption.
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    No question, this is some spooky and ultra rare material. Sends the shivers up the spine. Yes, price is open to offers.
  4. $1 bid
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  6. Dude you nailed it. Great movie. Everyone should see it.
  7. well said