Mark Levin on Tyranny under Obama's imperial presidency.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Great rant that sums up what is happening under Obamas presidency.

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  2. This gets uglier by the day. So much anger out there. How did this man (Obama) get re-elected by 3 million votes?
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    If you listen to his speeches it is always a speech where it is "us vs them" he never talks about America simply as "we." Whether its rich vs poor, wallstreet vs main street, man vs woman, or his favourite, republican vs democrat, no president that i can recall has ever been this divisive, and now that he doesnt have to be re-elected i suspect it will only get worse.

    I can only hope that Obama isnt stupid enough to try to ban certain guns through executive order, I dont even own a gun, nor have i ever fired one, but I can see that will be a clear line in the sand for people, if he starts trying to take guns away from people on executive order there is going to be violence, maybe thats what he wants, who knows.
  4. They have an agenda, but people are starting to wake up to the scam on America. What will be the next shoe to drop that he will exploit?
    I tried to give the benefit of the doubt for awhile, but the executive orders have a lot of folks alarmed. Have you read some of the comments on Yahoo and various blogs? Man, there is so much anger. The vehement ridicule surpasses what was said about Nixon during Watergate.
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    When you look at all the heros of the left, division, and anarchy is really what they are all about. When you look at Obama's heros, like Saul Alinsky, it becomes pretty clear that it is no accident that the country has become this divided due to him.

    I just watched "Occupy Unmasked" the other day, and would reccommend it to anyone who wants to see the way that Obama and the rest of the left operate, it really is amazing that Obama and the media were able to paint the Tea Party as a bunch of extremists when they never committed a single crime at any of their rallies, and meanwhile they were able to create sympathy for the occupy wall street crowd, who is all about violence and destruction, nothing more.

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  6. The greedy voted for more freebies.... all else, be damned!

    The Progressives have had America on this cultural path for 100 years. Under Odumbo, we've reached "critical mass"... that is, there is no going back. Won't be long before even the greedy will recognize America has gone Socialist/Marxist... not that they would care so long as their government support check keeps rolling in.

    The greedy won't recognize, however, is that the "wealth redistribution" is not sustainable. "At some point, you run out of other people's money." -- Margaret Thatcher

    And FWIW.... "Stupid Americans. They should have learned from our (Russia's) failed attempt at Communism."
  7. Dear Leader has no interest in dealing with the restrictions of a mere president. He wants to be King and sadly it seems many Americans want a King to worship and adore. Actually he more resembles a Pharaoh than a King. Could be a long hot summer if he comes for the guns. People gonna' get shot in the process. Bank on it.

    a title of an ancient Egyptian king.

    any person who uses power or authority to oppress others; tyrant.
  8. If it's massively sweeping in scope I hope he IS THAT STUPID.

    but it won't be, nothing short of confiscation would wake the politically dead to the reality of the left's treasonous agenda.
  9. Too bad people didn't start to wake up before the election. (Now maybe we'll find out what he meant when he told the Russian, "I'll have more flexibility after me reelection".... wonder if America will like what that is? Remember, the mic was on when Odumbo thought it was off.)

  10. Lucrum


    The entitlement/welfare class and their bleeding heart cheer leaders outnumber the responsible tax payers. Throw in some votes by illegal aliens a few dead people and some Disney characters and bada bing bada boom...
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