Mark Hurd Stepping Down Under Pressure From Obama

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  1. Appears like Mark Hurd was guilty of some claims of sexual harassment and Obama stepped in...
  2. it all leaked out days ago. the stock had 4 red days in a row in a flat market. damn those insider pigs!
  3. Why did Mark fool around with the expense reports? The guy makes millions a year...why couldnt he just pay for these little affairs out of pocket versus using HP to foot the bill? Reminds me of these politicians who insist on placing things on the taxpayer's dime like beer, airfare and other little things.
  4. Obama is on the HP board of directors? Wow that's news to me.

    Seriously did you already turn off your brain for the weekend?
  5. Obama can terminate contracts with HP under the law because of this discriminatory behavior.

  6. There she goes at 41 bucks in the afterhours session
  7. ET99


    Obama wants Carly back as HP CEO, so that she won't run for Rep Senate.

    There is an explanation for everything.
  8. -10% is a bit too steep. may get half back by EOD on Monday.
  9. Nope not insider,

    Unless you believe that technicals can detect insider trading. My third mentor says that it can tho.

    The red bar is a signal that price internal metrics is weakening. Confirmation the next day validates the signal, so you had a full day and a half, if HPQ is your poison of choice.:)
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