Mark Haines goes after Charlie Rangel

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  1. Chwissy Dodd, Bwarney Fwank, and Charley Rangel are three of a kind, and it ain't aces. In case you did not know, in a deck of political cards, jokers are a suit, in fact jokers are all four suits.
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    Jokers and jerk-offs, every sinlge last one of them.
  3. Looks like the John Stewart thrashing of those Aholes has actually induced some change. Did anyone see subdued Santelli this AM? No more lay-up positive press moments for their guests. looks like someone told them more news, less BS. Now just wait until the BHO reminds GE about the TARP money GE Capital took. Exciting times ahead for sure!
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    That was a great quote by Rangel:

    “U.S. government will take 90% and the state will take the other 10%”

    These dumbass AIG traders are all lucky to still have a job.

    AIG should have died in 2008. OH that’s right Hank Paulson decided to keep it alive by giving them billions of $’s in the first place.
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    He's just helping the home team.
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    Regardless of whether AIG traders deserve the money or not you can't change the tax code for specific people. Next they will tax you too because you don't deserve your money either.
  7. Oh that's gonna happen, believe it.
  8. The Articles of the Constitution, say that you cannot increase taxes after the fact.

    Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution prohibits Congress from passing Bills of Attainder, laws that punish a single person or specific group of people without affording them a trial.

    Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution also, generally speaking, prohibits Congress from passing laws that apply retroactively.

    That whole charade in the House today was a clever little trap that Pelosi set for House Republicans . . . and half of them appeared to have fallen for it!

    This bill will never even get raised in the Senate because it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!
  9. Eddiefl


    SOCIALISM has begun, " oh you wont give your money to us, well, we will pass a law tomorrow and tax it 90%. Does anybody else want to challenge or disobey us"

    hmm,, sounds like Cuba or the old USSR. Slowly but surely, due process, business contracts, legal representation, standard business rights etc will be stripped in order to save the Nation.

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