MARK FISHER ... a class act ...

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by SethArb, May 9, 2005.

  1. he is running a seminar this week on his ACD

    methodology ... and all proceeds are going to

    help TSUNAMI relief .... I doubt too many other

    system vendors or book sellers would do this.

    ( actually one of the turtles did something like this)

    if anyone on ET is going to the seminar

    please report here on what Jim Rogers

    spoke about today !

  2. TGM



    they will probably post the video on the web of Jim Rogers speech. They did the last time he was at Nymex/NYBOT. Check his website and MBF's website.
  3. agree 100%. mark fisher has my respect.

  4. I saw Mark Fisher's speech on the NYMEX website. Seems like a genuine and charismatic good guy.

    I like the fact that he's obviously wealthy (due to owning MBF clearing etc), but he doesn't care to dress flashy, no jewlery etc.