mark Faber house of card CNBC special

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  1. contrarian indicator?
  2. No that's you.
  3. HAHAHA..
  4. Very funny indeed :)

  5. But enough about me. What about the show?
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    in an overleveraged market such as real estate and derivatives like CD

    the market participants can theoretically lose more money they they put on the table if the market is shut down. more money is lost than participants have.

  7. I'm going to watch because it looks very interesting. I don't see it as a contrarian indicator, more as a small window into what happened.
  8. mark Faber house of card CNBC special?

    I think you mean David Faber.

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    I wish it were Marc Faber then I might actually learn something and the story might have some meat.
  10. On in 15 minutes.
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