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    Hi Traders
    I've heard so many good things about the Mark Douglas books that I'm going to buy one this weekend. Would it be necessary to read both or will the last one (Trading in the Zone) do the job of straightening out my clouded mind? Thanks for your opinions.
  2. You only need Chapter 4...
  3. Hi Mark,

    I have only read Trading in the Zone, yet you probably can't go wrong with both. If you are concerned about the extra $$$ realize you will lose much more trading, but you probably know that. :)

    I also plan on read Ari Kiev. Anyone good enough for Steve Cohen is good enough for me.
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    Thank You Ripley
    Chapter 4 of which book?

    Thanks. I've spent so much money on systems and such that I have to start drawing the line somewhere or there will be nothing left to trade with!
  5. Mark,

    You are most welcome. Maybe you could just check his book out from your local library if money is an issue.

    I feel your pain. I have spent alot on stuff I no longer use.
  6. Great idea I checked my local library but didnt have it. I bought Trading in the Zone used on amazon. $6 nice
  7. For me, the meat of the book (Trading in the Zone) begins with chapter 6. Either way, its still worth perusing.
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    You can get both for a good price on I have both and think they are really great. The Disciplened Trader chapters 15 and 16 are worth reading over and over. In fact to get all yuo can from it you need to read these chapters several times. Trading In The Zone is also great. Must have for every trader IMO.
  9. Good to know than not to.

    But consider that, there are traders who were and are profitable even before all these psychology books and gurus existed.
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