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    I am currently considering purchasing one of van tharp's books and was wondering how he compared to mark douglas and if I should consider getting the disciplined trader instead (already own trading in the zone) of one of tharps books. Also what are the differences between tharps books and is there any order as to how they should be read.
  2. ...I recommend that you Douglas' first book first. It is a suitable introduction to the second, which IMO did not stand alone. Then buy Tharp's Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom (the only one to buy IMO). Be aware that Tharp does not trade, but he was for a long time a highly reputable psychological trading coach. Do you have the other great trading books: Elder's first, Farley's, Kaufman's, Toppel's? Best of luck with your trading.
  3. any order as how they should be read
    "Disciplined Trader" first, develop a trading methodology with real money(very small size), read "Financial Freedom", than read "In the Zone".

    So many books have been recommended that are real garbage, not the money that bothers me but the wasted time. Some of the people recommending books could not have possibly read the trash. IMHO you have mentioned 3 good books.
  4. I've only read Van Tharp's "Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom" so I can't compare the two authors. However, I can say that no mater what, you should read Van Tharp at some point. Much of the info contained in his discussion of expectancy and the other variables that contribute to profitability is essential stuff for any trader and I've never seen it anywhere else.
  5. agreed!
  6. Kserra...serra !
  7. =========
    Having read them both;
    would definitely favor the vast trading experience , counsel;
    read, reread
    Dr. Van Tharp books.
    Where there is smoke, there is salmon.:cool:
  8. in my opinion shouldn't be one or the other.

    both are outstanding books & you won't regret the extra expense of getting both instead of just one.
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    If you're favoring experience, Douglas' books would have the edge, though there's no reason to choose between them.
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    All are available from the library.
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