Mark Douglas "Trading in the Zone" Audiobook + Trading Psychology Seminar

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  1. zghorner


    I stumbled upon these videos in my continual search learning how to not suck at trading. I am glad that the audiobook is of professional quality and easy to listen to. The Seminar is pure gold. I hope this info can be helpful to some of you.

    RIP Mr. Douglas.

  2. ps0013


    THANK YOU...Only 20 minutes in and I already see value
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  3. zghorner


    Very welcome. I am on my second round of TITZ...I listen to it when I clean or workout or drive etc...the dude has me pegged meaning my exact thoughts and feelings when trading. I’ve found both very worth while.
  4. RedDuke


    Loved the book, years ago when I read it. Then years later, I came to conclusion, non of it matters, if a trader does not use model that has positive expectancy.
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  5. imjohn


    Agree with this. I listened to a bit of Douglas early on. The only thing that stuck with me was his discussion of the profit gap, or the difference between actual results and trade plan results. Focusing on the profit gap led to some dramatic changes in my behavior.

    I think if a trader has a solid plan and bad execution, perhaps some of the man's suggestions will help that trader to find ways to improve execution.
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  6. Read the zone book. There is an exercise where you enter 20 trades randomly (or at least I did) and manage the trade to profit. That was an eye opener for me.
  7. qlai


    How can this be done other than averaging down? What was the point of the exercise?
  8. If memory serves, something like this:

    enter randomly, if it doesn't hit stop, scale in/pyramid, etc.
  9. RedDuke


    Random entries do not work. Tested the shit out of this idea.
  10. qlai


    Oh, so I guess understanding of the importance of the trade management.

    What is your definition of not working?
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