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  1. Mark Douglas is the trader author of the books "Trading in the Zone" and "Disciplined Trader." People have recommended the "Trading in the Zone" to me at different times to deal with consistency in trading.

    Here is some resource links to learn about Mark Douglas since someone asked me (I am selling his "Path to Consistency" course as an eBay item in ET Classified forum.):

    Audio lectures:

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  3. This business is known for its log rolling. These psych guys such as Brett Steenbarger are the biggest whores -- go to the Amazon reviews for any Wiley Trading book and Mr. Steenbarger has a glowing review for every book. For example, Jon Markman's book is a "Home Run Swing".

    What kind of a trader names a domain name after himself? LOL!
  4. be quite honest...

    read Mark Douglas and I hated both books....

    didn't help me in the least..

    basically just tells you what you already know regarding emotions and trading.

    Rehashed the same sentence over and over in every paragraph -- you have to be a disciplined trading... No Sh*t Sherlock!

    blah blah blah.. it's important to have emotional neutrality.... REALLY? gee thanks.

    Offered no solutions ... none imo

    just a parrot that spits Psychobabble with no means of solutions to posed problems..

    2 bad reads for me...
  5. I read Douglas' Trading in the Zone and for a new trader struggling to day trade without emotion it was helpful to me. I feel that if I can get one thing of value from something I read or listen to then it was probably worth it.
  6. EqtTrdr,

    I also didnt enjoy his writing style (mark is the best case for ghost writers I have ever run across). I also felt he didn't provide solutions --- but I was wrong.

    The solutions he provides are there and quite simple but you have to do the work to figure them out.

    FWIW, the two free interviews referenced above (at woodies club) are very good and seem to represent a move onwards from some of the thinking in the books. Also, Mark talks much more naturally than he writes so they're an easy listen.