Mark Douglas - How to think like a professional trader

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  1. Part 1:

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    So I got to 2:32 of the first video. Correct me if I am wrong but looks like he was doing a seminar for Wizetrade! lol Who remembers those infomercials!!
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    How many "professional traders" spend their time putting on a penguin suit and filming videos?
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  4. When I went to university, my professors taught me how to think. This is very similar.
  5. "They" say ones need to be discipline in trading. It won't help if it's discipline on the wrong thing. I read all his books and watch his videos. Trading in the zone is the best. But ones need to been through it in order to appreciate his points. It's similar to Reminiscences of a stock operator.
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  6. I agree,
    Everyone is partially right, and also partially wrong -- it's all about how you apply each piece-by-piece of your unique trading puzzle situation.

    Funny timing/coincidence of these videos, I'm currently listening to/watching another trading video,
    , o_O
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    That's true.
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  9. Mark Douglas, fxinfoonline, both have helped me tremendously.
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    The main problem I have with Douglas is that he, with his books and lectures, reoriented so many wannabe traders from the search of the working method to the search of the working psychology.

    That was/is the fatal mistake for most of them.
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