Mark Douglas: Any info?

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  1. I have read so many positive reviews on Mark Douglas and his trading books. However, I cant' find anything about the guys background in the markets--- what is his pedigree in finance? Was he a hedge fund manager, or proven professional trader? Can anyone shed some light on this guys credibility? This is all I could find on the guy---- nothing about financial pedigree, accomplishments in the business--



  2. Nope, only Timbo is reputable...
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    Hi surf,
    in my opinion it's possible to learn a lot from people even if they are failed traders. For example I really enjoy the writings of a guy called Victor Niederhoffer. Here is a link in case you don't know him:
  4. LOL! no never heard of him, but my research indicates VN blew out, in fact, he blew his account out several times--- but he was the number one ranked hedge fund manager in the world for a number of years, has the lifestyle trappings to go along with being a top trader, has the market relevent education, and has trained a dozen or more top hedge fund managers currently operating with over $100 million AUM each-- these are real people with pedigree in a real business-- sounds like a smart person should listen to what he has to say. SO can anyone address my original question? surf
  5. This from his website. Since you are tapped into the industry, make enquiries directly from the parties he claims to have worked with.

    Mark has provided consulting services with Financial Trading Institutions, Investment Banks and firms such as:

    Chicago Board of Trade, New York Board of Trade ~ Coffee Sugar Cocoa Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange_
    First Chicago Corp., Smith Barney, Tudor Jones, SAAFTI, Dow Jones Telerate
    Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Swiss Bank
    MetaStock, Online Investor Expos, The Money Show, Equis
    Fibonacci Trader
    and more.
  6. I would consider those public speaking skills and book promotion tours but thanks! surf
  7. :D
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    "Mark has provided consulting services with Financial Trading Institutions, Investment Banks and firms such as"

    Two strikes against him.

    Be wary of someone who improperly capitalizes words to create a sense of importance and never trust a man with two first names.

    Rules to live by. :p
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    His trading experience is described in the Preface to his book Trading in the Zone:

    "I started trading in 1978. At the time, I was managing a commercial casualty insurance agency in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I had a very successful career and thought I could easily transfer that success into trading. Unfortunately, I found that was not the case. By 1981, I was thoroughly disgusted with my inability to trade effectively while holding another job, so I moved to Chicago and got a job as a broker with Merrill Lynch at the Chicago Board of Trade. How did I do? Well, within nine months of moving to Chicago, I lost nearly everything I owned."

    He then spent almost eight years writing his first book, The Disciplined Trader.
  10. Interesting, what's his training in psychology? Wiki says he has a degree in political science.

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