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  1. this is 1 bad motherfucker.
    even bill orally is afraid to debate him.
  2. Mark Cuban is a one trick pony. He got lucky once
  3. he's got more money than god.

    definitely more worldly power.

    god may rule the heavens.. but billionaires they rule the earth

    of course he's scary :eek:
  4. dood has started about 5 companies

    1st microsolution , made out with $15 million

    then broadcast
    then HDTV
    then mavericks

    thats about 4 tricks.
  5. you can't be serious.
  6. Cuban is definately one smart dude. Last I heard him and Trump were trying to battle over buying the Chicago Cubs...isn't it great when billionaires fight?

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    orly is never afraid(ever), cuban just wont go on his show
  8. keith olbermann has offered to moderate a debate the 2 but i know that bill orally wont accept the invitation.
  9. Whenever I hear Marc Cuban mentioned it reminds me of the world's most expensive domain name:
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    HDNet and HDNET Movies are totally-otally awesome channels. HD is the future, baby!
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