Mark Cuban dropped from 'Dancing With the Stars'

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    The Dallas Mavericks owner is the latest to go home as the competition is pared to 7 couples.
    The Orange County Register
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    Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks franchise and dance partner Kym Johnson on Tuesday became the fifth pair eliminated from the current season of "Dancing With the Stars."
  2. Not even a billion can buy you talent. Ya got it or ya don't (or you work for years to get it).

    But it sure as hell can buy a few super hot babes to help you forget your failures! :D
  3. Looks like he's married. Geez, why would a rich guy wanna be married? Oh well, his wife is cute (at least, to an old f*ck like me).

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  4. To get a "beard"?
  5. damn, is that what old age does to your view of women? to me she's barely average. her arms are big.
  6. I guess I got low standards! :D